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    Jubilee is a jubilant jubilation of the jubilarians in joy. With so much of enthusiasm and vigour, we celebrated the Sliver Jubilee of our Little Flower School, Kalwari on 2nd February 2020. It was an invitation for us all to recall the marvelous ways in which our School has fulfilled its mission in imparting education, moral and spiritual values and discipline to help build leaders to serve the Nation. It was also a God-given opportunity to thank the Almighty for the choicest blessings He has been showering upon the Little Flower School family for the past 25 years. We were absolutely blessed to have with us Mr. Ashuthosh Niranjan IAS, the DM of Basti and Dr. Brij Bhushan Maurya, the DIOS of Basti as our Honourable Chief Guest and the Revered Guest of Honour, along with His Excellency Bishop Thomas Thuruthimattam CST of the Diocese of Gorakhpur, the President of the function, who with their words and presence, made us delighted and joyful. The charming presence and inspirational words of Very Rev. Fr. James Purathail CST, the General Councilor, Very Rev. Fr. Lona Kallely CST, the Provincial Superior and the President of the Little Flower Educational Society, Rev. Fr. Jojo Vadekel CST, the educational Secretary, Rev. Fr. Binoy Palakkuzhy CST, the Manager of our School and the Provincial Councilors, made the evening wonderful and colourful. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Chokkattu CST, our Principal welcomed all to the celebration with his words of love and wisdom. The energetic involvement of the parents, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters from the neighbouring Parishes, Ashrams and Convents, teachers and staff members from the nearby Schools and other friends and well-wishers added more colour to the celebration of our Jubilee. The highlight of the Event was the Cultural Fiesta put up by our students based on the theme: “Indian cultural Heritage as the Celebration of Spirituality”. The thematic cultural programmes highlighted that our cultural diversity is so versalized as the celebration of the spirituality one enjoys and therefore the different Indian cultures should be respected and revered. The cultural programme involved various traditional art forms of different Indian States which projected the cultural richness of India.
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    Parents-Teachers Meeting will be on 15th February 2020 Saturday. All parents are humbly requested to come to the school. Time 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. Syllabus, Admit card and exam time table will be distributed on that day.
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    Third semester examination will start on 22nd February 2020.
News Notice


Principal’s Message

IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO BE SIMPLE AND GENTLE Children,s day comes once again to acknowledge and appreciate the childhood. At this time the beautiful story that comes to the mind is about the pompous young man who lost his silk handkerchief and accused his neighbor of stealing it. After some confusion, the man found the handkerchief in his own pocket and apologized for having accused his neighbor. Never mind at all, said the latter, You thought I was a thief and I thought you were a gentleman, and we were both mistaken. Gentle behaviour reveals great personality and it is a gratuitous gift attached with childhood, the most beautiful and precious period of life. Nobody in the world would get bored while recollecting about the childhood. Childhood has its own uniqueness which no other period of development can provide. Whenever we meet a child a lot of positive energy radiates to us due to the God given values attached to that period. The values of humility, gentleness, love, affection etc. add beauty to this pleasant time; But as a child grows up the lovely meekness gets corroded with worldly pleasures and one is tempted to think that his or her existence is something inevitable in this world and thereby gets deprived of the good qualities of childhood. This children,s day should be a time for the elders to ponder over one’s own existence and for the children it is the time to find out and live the unique God given qualities, in order to enjoy life and promote it. There is a beautiful word – Nostalgia. It is the longing for something in the past. Horrid memories never call for Nostalgia, but only cherished memories. Childhood is always or should be a cherished memory which evokes nostalgia within us. It is indeed a matter of thought why we always long for this cherished childhood. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that life is enjoyed the most only in simplicity. The more complex it becomes, the duller, it grows. Childhood is the time we live the simplicity to its zenith. Beautiful gardens within a crowded city are always sources of positive energy. Every child is like a garden, which means every child is the source of positive vibes realized in simplicity and gentleness of life. Therefore, it is time to regain the lost gentleness and simplicity within us; for a true gentleman is Gods servant, the worlds master and his own man, who thinks of others before himself. Let’s be meek and gentle and cherish childhood values. Dear children live out your childhood in its fullness and dear adults let us not forget our childhood. Happy Childrens Day. Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me... Let the children come to me and do not hinder them; for such belongs the kingdom of heaven - Holy Bible - Matthew 18: 3-5, 19:14.

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About School

Little Flower School is an English Medium High School, established in the catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur and administered by CST Fathers, who belong to the “Little Flower Mission Education Society Gorakhpur” , a registered charitable society. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, with ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Little Flower School is a co-educational institution aiming at a break-through into the fight against the wall of darknessof ignorance and illiteracy by helping the students to plunge into the infinite realms of knowledge, develop skills and thus build up their character and personality based on simplicity and honesty. The management and staff will put all their efforts to instill into the children the love of God and fellowmen, dedication to duty, unselfish service to the nation and an unparalled thrust for excellence and wisdom. Being a minority institution, Little Flower School has the primary objective of educating the children of the community. .......

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